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DescriptionThis collection contains archive material relating to:
A M Perkins and Son Ltd 1835-1903
[Directors 1889-1902; Shareholders 1844-1903; Correspondence 1835-1903; Patents 1865-1903; Balance Sheets 1890-1902; Cash Books 1890-1903; Awards 1876; Bakery Division c.1892; Heating Installations c.1880-1889]
Werner and Pfleiderer (Cannstatt/Stuttgart) 1905-?1931
[Bakery Division 1905-?1931; Customers nd]
Werner, Pfleiderer and Perkins Ltd 1893-1926
[General 1882-1919; Bakery Division 1883-1915; Customers 1904-1914; Heating Installations 1846-c.1897; Personnel 1903-1918; Rubber/Chemical Industry 1905-1911; Ships Appliances 1900; Lewis and Pointons Panification Ltd 1894-1926]
Joseph Baker and Sons Ltd (London) c.1880s-1918
[General c.1880s-c.1890s; Bakery Division c.1902-c.1915; Confectionery Division 1898-c.1910; Customers 1916; Annual Reports 1904 and 1918]
Perkins Engineers Ltd 1914-1918
[Bakery Division c.1915-1917; Heating Installations nd; Wartime Production 1914-1918]
Joseph Baker Sons and Perkins Ltd 1919-1924
[General 1921-1923; Bakery Division 1919-1922; Confectionery Division nd; Customers 1921-1922; Personnel nd; Rubber/Chemical Industry nd; David Thomson Ltd 1922-1924]
Baker Perkins Ltd 1899-2008
[General 1899-1990; Apprentice School 1955; Bakery Division 1921-2006; Confectionery Division c.1920-c.2004; Customers 1923-1998; Drawing Office 1915-1970; Foundry Machinery Division c.1960s-1985; Heating Department 1923-1944; Ingredients Handling 1957-1959; Library 1906-1966; Personnel and Human Resources 1924-c.1990s; Publicity 1961-1963; Rubber/Chemical Industry c.1920-1990s; Technical Services 1968-1969; Universal Mixing Machinery nd; Wartime Production 1941-1968; Annual Reports 1955-1985(incomplete); Management 1970-1987; Laundry Equipment nd [c.1930s-1940s]; Printing Machinery 1915-1993; Special Projects Division 1988-1992; Sports and Social Club c.1920-2008; Bedewell Works 1939-1977; Demolition of Westwood Works Site 1998-2004; Westwood Works Musical Society 1930-2012]
Rose Forgrove Ltd 1912-1970
[Drawing Office 1958-1965; Packaging/Wrapping Machinery 1912-1970; Wartime/Armaments Production c.1946; Job Day and Sons Ltd nd]
Douglas-Rownson Ltd 1901-1978
[General 1901-1978; Dairy Installations c.1920s; Bulk and Liquid Ingredients Handling 1960; Refrigeration Division 1960-1977; Technical Library nd]
Baker Perkins Company, Inc (Saginaw, Michigan, USA) 1916-1946
[General 1946; Bakery Division mostly undated; Customers nd; Werner and Pfleiderer Co. nd; Century Machine Company 1938-c.1940]
Joseph Baker's Ltd (USA) 1915-c.1916
[Bakery Division c.1916; Customers 1915]
Baker Perkins Pty. Ltd (Australia) nd
[Bakery Division]
Company History and Related Material 1874-2005
Other Companies (Non Baker Perkins) 1912-c.1990
[General mostly undated; Bakery Division nd; Confectionery Division c.1920 and c.1990; Laundry Equipment 1912-1949]
General Photograph Albums 1912-1980s
Admin/Biograhical HistoryThe origins of Baker Perkins Ltd stem mainly from Jacob Perkins who was born in 1766 and died in 1849, and, Joseph Baker, who was born in 1823 and died in 1892.

Jacob Perkins founded Perkins and Co., Engineers in London, which was later continued by his son, and became known as A M Perkins & Son Ltd, incorporated in 1887. A company called Werner & Pfleiderer which were originally established in Stuttgart, Germany, also set up in London in 1885. In 1893 A M Perkins & Son Ltd amalgamated with Werner & Pfleiderer (London) and became Werner, Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd.

In January 1870, Joseph Baker took out a patent for the flour sifter he had invented in Canada and later came to London where, in 1876 a business was established with his sons. In 1902 the company was incorporated as Joseph Baker & Sons Ltd.

Meanwhile, Werner, Pfleiderer and Perkins Ltd had moved their works to Peterborough, in 1904, and changed the company name to Perkins Engineers Ltd, in 1915. After working closely with Joseph Baker & Sons during the war years, the two companies merged in 1920 and became Joseph Baker Sons & Perkins Ltd. At this time they had factories at both Willesden and Peterborough.

In 1923 the company changed its name to Baker Perkins Ltd, and a decade later in 1933 the Willesden factory moved to Peterborough where the entire production was then concentrated.

In 1987 due to another merger, the company name was changed to APV Baker. The works remained at Westfield Road, Peterborough until 1991 when most of the production, machinery and staff were relocated to the new site in Paston, Peterborough. The printing machinery works were sold to the Rockwell Corporation. After further name changes in the late 1990s, the company became part of the Invensys group.

On 1 April 2006 Invensys sold the company, and as a result the name was changed back to Baker Perkins Ltd.

For more detailed information, see 'The History of Baker Perkins' by A Muir (1968) available within the Local Studies Collection at Peterborough Central Library.

'A Synopsis of the History of Baker Perkins and of the Company's activities during the period 1939-1945' by A I Baker (1946) is available within this collection at PAS/BP/7/16/1.

For further information relating to the different departments within the company, see online at www.westwoodworks.net and www.bphs.net
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